Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services is a civil engineering consultancy and facilities management organisation that contributes strategic values to infrastructure and utility assets within the private and public sector.

We provide complete life cycle services of fit out and refurbishment works in ensuring schemes are fit for purpose and in accordance with client expectations.

Our engineering team is focused on ensuring facilities meet the needs of occupants, or the services they provide. We do this by applying innovative engineering principles that ensures the facilities operates to their optimum efficiency.

Your organisation will benefit from Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services approach to project management and delivery. We contribute to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives by maintaining a team of managers, engineers and tradesmen with extensive knowledge and experience in developing and providing bespoke solutions.


Infrastructure Utilities

Infrastructure and utility services form an integral part of any society. They ensure that key services are available to support the population in terms of where they live, where they work, and how they travel.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance programmes are implemented to cater for our customer requirements. We design preventative maintenance programmes to ensure the best possible performance from your system.

Facilities Maintenance

Poslo offers a comprehensive maintenance package that ensures your facilities stays in great condition by preventing damages. However, when they do occur, our maintenance team are there to repair them immediately.

Refurbishment Service

With a team of industry experts that share diverse experience, Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services is the perfect partner for refurbishment projects.

Power Supply & Energy Management

Electrical installations require care and attention. As you’re probably aware of, despite the best and professional initial installation, over-time issues can develop. Our services offers the perfect solution for the delivery of all types of novel or maintenance projects.

Fire & Safety

Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services offers industry leading fire alarms services and systems designed to easily integrate with other safety and security solutions.

Access Solutions

Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services can provide a comprehensive range of access control security solutions designed to suite your needs.


As a multi-disciplined company that specialise in facilities management, our expert engineers are fully qualified to carry out all HVAC related repairs and installations.


Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how our services can address them


  • Engineers available 24 hours a day
  • Out of hours emergency callout service
  • Free project planning and management of all repairs
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Access to network of specialist contractors
  • Access to insurance partners for savings on content cover and more
  • Add family members
  • Add or change maintenance package to suits you



Great Customer Service

A central hub that keeps all stakeholders in the know. No more lengthy email chains or confusing phone calls.

Make your property more attractive to occupiers.



No hidden fees or costs, we cover the cost of your reactive and planned maintenance repairs excluding materials required.

Customers are liable for all cost (labour and materials) relating all alterations and novel works.



Property management is complex. We helps you stay compliant with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.


Reactive Repair Reporting

Occupiers can report repairs via an online reporting portal in 40+ languages, anytime, anywhere. The portal also requires occupiers to provide all the essential information you would need to obtain accurate quotes and carry out effective first-time repairs including media files for better diagnoses. Should the issue fall under the remit of the occupier, for example, a report of mildew in the bathroom, the portal advises the occupier that it is their responsibility and provide guidance on how to resolve the issue safely.

  • Picture-based diagnosis
  • Multilingual


Planned Maintenance Tasks

Proactive maintenance in commercial buildings and apartment blocks can be highly complex. Our planned maintenance module allows us to set custom assets, record their locations and prioritise urgent and overdue maintenance. We can schedule one-off and recurring planned maintenance tasks and let the system alert stakeholders before they’re due.

With 200+ planned maintenance works templates available out-of-the-box, devising a planned maintenance strategy has never been easier.

  • Schedule recurring tasks
  • Compliance
  • Peace of mind


Emergency Repair Services

We have access to a vast network of Facility Emergency Services. Our on-demand contractors provide you with reliable maintenance support when you need it the most. A typical use case is when an occupier reports an emergency repair in the middle of the night. This alerts our emergency response team to reach out to the occupier within hours. The call is aimed at diagnosing the severity of the issue, making sure occupiers get prompt advice and ensuring only genuine emergencies are attended to by our emergency contractors. A contractor can be onsite and carry out emergency repairs within hours of the occupier’s first report without your involvement.

  • Out-of-hours network
  • Standard SLAs
  • Dedicated response team
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