Facilities Maintenance

Poslo offers a comprehensive maintenance package that ensures your facilities stay in great condition by observing wear and anticipating damages. However, when damages do occur, our maintenance team are there to repair them immediately.

We offer a tailor-made maintenance package to suit your needs, which means you can choose one or more of the following services:

  • Fabric Maintenance – Taking care of the aesthetics and ensuring that the exterior of your facilities are kept up to date. Our team carries this out in a professional manner with minimum of disruption to the everyday activities of the facility.
  • Plumbing and Drains  – We offer regular maintenance of internal and external drainages,  in compliance with health and safety concerns and regulations. Our team of experts ensure that drain cleaning and blockages are dealt with hygienically and discreetly without disrupting regular activities.
  • Handy Man Services – We offer onsite and round the clock handyman services to do all maintenance and odd jobs that keep the office running smoothly. Our team consists of vested and trusted professionals.
  • Planned Maintenance – We provide an effective management and maintenance service which supply previously agreed upon maintenance services. Everything you need to maintain your assets from one company in a package tailed specifically for your needs.
Why is facility Maintenance Important?

Establishing a good maintenance culture protects your assets and investment. A well looked-after facility ensures high productivity, rental and sale price. Spotting potential problems before they become more serious will save you money and repairing damage immediately prevents permanent damage. A well maintained facility can increase efficiency and generate higher income.

 Health and Safety for Occupants and Service Users

There are a number of basic requirements for health and safety of occupants or services users and your facility must comply with the following:

  • Adequate sanitation and washing facilities – Toilets, sinks with soap and paper towels or a hand-dryer
  • Adequate ventilation, lighting and space – Clean, fresh air from outdoors or a ventilation system, suitable lighting and enough space to work
  • Adequate heating and cooling to provide an appropriate temperature in the workspace – Not less than 16ºC
  • Provision of drinking water
  • Adequate maintenance of premises and equipment
  • A clean working environment – litter bins at each desk and the office regularly cleaned

By taking out a Poslo Infrastructure and Utility Services maintenance contract you will have peace of mind because we ensure your assets is thoroughly maintained and looked after – 365 days a year.

What is involved in Facilities Maintenance?
  • Repairs –Fixing a problem that has occurred. We have a professional team of electricians, plumbers and builders and engineers to call upon when necessary.
  • Preventative Inspections –looking at potential defects to make sure any problems can be fixed before they turn into a major repair, saving you money.