Infrastructure & Utilities

Infrastructure and utility services form an integral part of any society. They ensure that key services are available to support the population in terms of where and how they live, work, and travel. These are essential and often large scale projects that require specialist support and understanding. Some of these services include:

  • Telecommunication, oil and gas and electrical services – Earthworks, Cabling and Pipelines works for transmission and distribution.
  • Water Supply – Earthworks and Pipelines works for network distribution, Irrigation, treatment plants, and sewage treatment.
  • Buildings and Structures
  • Transportation – Railway and Highways maintenance

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians retain a wide range of experience and skills coupled with an international knowledge base that allows them to approach any project strategically and proficiently. We offer eexperience delivering a verified portfolio across the building, utilities and infrastructure industry in compliance with regulations, to time and budget, whilst ensuring stakeholders are progressively engaged.

We operate as a project management consultancy firm providing full life cycle programme development, monitoring and management in the infrastructure and utilities industry. Our operation ensure the establishment and producing of strategic operating programs that reflect long-term aims and objectives of our sponsor/client. We manage and maintain stakeholder relationship and correspondence, to ensure appropriate information is efficiently circulated toward achieving project objectives and quality standards. We maintain the operational performance of projects and represent the clients to stakeholders and professional associations. Our reliability stems from the approach we implement to establish achievable financial and resource plans in simple and effective formats to provide technical support throughout projects.


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